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Goodland Institute

The year is 1973.

People around the globe are struggling with the high price of petroleum and coming to the realization that we've hit "peak oil."

What are our next steps? How do we respond to these challenges and prepare ourselves for the future?


Now imagine that a place called the Goodland Institute exists.  

At the Institute gatherings of scientists and indigenous elders and philosophers and researchers and artists and futurists are already underway. They've already started grappling with these big systemic problems. And they've already started work on some potential solutions. Oil and gas workers are starting to receive training in solar and wind energy capture,

auto mechanics are already receiving tutorials on how to service electric cars.

We're responsive, we're creative, we're ready for the future and 2018 is going to be a very good year for the Earth. 


As one of the elements under the Goodland Co. umbrella, the Goodland Institute operates as a “think tank," research/development hub, and "action lab." Consisting of a collective of futurists who are always operating five-twenty years ahead of current operations, the Institute considers how the Goodland model operates as a collective whole and anticipates emerging opportunities and how they can be integrated into current operations. The Institute also influences the evolution of the Accelerator program by providing predictive data on emerging challenges and opportunities in the field of environmental innovation and remediation, workforce development, and economic frameworks.

The Goodland Institute looks at the world's most wicked problems and solves them. We aggregate, we gather, we share, we act.

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