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Goodland #1

Today is a good day. It started in darkness, as all days do, and a few hours in, the sun is breaking through and reminding us it is still up there. Sometimes, most times, we forget about it up there. We forget that it has the power of 380 yottawatts per second. That's 380 million billion billion watts. Per second. That's a lot of horses.

It's hard to believe we take for granted something that powerful. Powerful enough to invisibly burrow into the earth itself and yoink seeds from their slumber, crash into their shells, and suck them up into the air. That's insane, really. But there it is. Every day.

I read an article about the sun I think you might like. Take a look: Let me know what you think: HERE. I'm curious if it's just me.

And...don't forget the moon. That guy moves entire oceans. xo,


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