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It's All Yours . . .

It's been our turn for some time now. About two years, to be exact.

Researching, designing, testing, dreaming, wondering...can we really do this?

It has been a slog and it has been the greatest time of our lives.

We've been deep in despair and leaping out of our seats with excitement.

That's what creating something like this is like.

It isn't a regular day at the office, it isn't like camping, and it certainly doesn't feel familiar.

It feels equal parts adventure novel and Episode #1 of "How Not To Do A Thing."

But we did it. And we're here. And now it's your turn.

Your turn to make a difference.

Your turn to have a place to go when you're feeling lost at sea about it all.

Your turn to feel part of something bigger than yourself.

You are part of Goodland now. It's as much yours as it was ours.


Welcome to the next great world you've always dreamed of.

It's all yours.



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