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The Hope-Part

Here at Goodland, we take our role as an aggregator of all-things-regenerative very seriously. It's important for us as lovers of the planet and the people on it to remind ourselves regularly about all of the amazing things that are happening. When we only pay attention to what is being dismantled or falling apart, we can miss the hope-part.

To help keep the hope-part activated, we are using the amazing Slack app as a team to create a virtual space where we can save and share and engage with one another on all of the amazing things happening. We call it the "Goodland Reading Barn." Here we have created a library of all of the work happening that we someday hope to connect to and support. We believe in the power of pulling amazing people and amazing ideas together and we're already doing it. We thought we'd share some of it with you.

So, take a look at some of what we're reading. Let us know what you think! And send us your work and ideas! We'd love to share them and keep feeding the hope-part.


Team Goodland

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